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Minshull Hall Farm

Minshull Hall's Jerseys

An exclusive partnership...

The most important ingredient in Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy Ice cream is fresh Jersey milk produced in Cheshire. Beechdean are now in an exclusive and unique partnership with the Platt family. 

By working together (with a dedicated Beechdean farming specialist) we are able to produce richer, cleaner milk and we have dramatically cut down our carbon footprint on the transport of the milk from 200 miles down to just 12!!

The integrated partnership allows for the profitable manufacture of milk in a secure commercial environment and the continual improvement of our most important ingredient. 


  • The Platt family have been milking cows for nearly 100 years.

  • Animal health and welfare is at the heart of everything they do and the only cows they have on the farm are jerseys.

  • We farm 300 acres in Church Minshull – where we can grow lots of fresh green grass. 

  • We are always milking about 230 cows with about 50 cows “resting” they will rest for up to 60 days before having a calf again.

  • To produce milk a cow must have a calf, some of our oldest cows have had over ten healthy calves most of which have now joined the milking herd.

  • The cows have a strong Jersey pedigree with descendants of the Loseley herd still milking. (Loseley is one of our delicious ice cream brands). Pictured is 12 year old Loseley Zik Cioletta, we currently have 5 generations from her on the farm.


  • She came straight to us from the Loseley Farm. We have been very lucky as she is a fantastic milker and has a great personality.

  • The girls are milked twice a day (6:00am and 4pm).